Oregon: Antifa Upset Police Didn't Shoot White Man for Pulling Gun in Self-Defense

The violent Antifa group is at it again and this time they harassed an elderly white man who was traveling in his car causing no trouble to others.

Antifa, which took part in stopping the 'freedom rally' protests in Salem, Oregon, stopped a pick-up truck car after spotting American flags on it. They then began smashing its windows.

Old White Man Shows Gun to Antifa
Twitter / Andy Ngô

That is when the man stepped out of the car and to his surprise got pepper sprayed by the violent group. The man then pulled out his gun in self-defense and in the nick of time was stopped by a police officer who asked him to drop the weapon.

The man, who is seen wearing an American flag sweatshirt, dropped the handgun after hearing the police' orders and laid down on the road pointing his hands upwards showing he is no where close to his handgun.

In an audio clip shared on Twitter, Antifa members seem to be upset that the police didn't pull the trigger on the white man and are heard saying, ''If he was black, he'd be dead!''

As the police kept the old man on the ground, Antifa members were heard screaming "F–k you, Proud Boy!" along with other abusive language pointed towards the old man.

Police File No Charges Against The White Man

The Oregon State Police said in a statement that the man who pulled out a handgun and cocked it in self defense has not been charged of any crime and was not arrested as he obeyed orders but revealed that officers are still investigating the case.

The police also revealed that more than 100 Antifa protestors turned up to "prevent the Freedom Rally caravan" and the mob damaged several vehicles, including the old man's car and covered it in yellow spray paint smashing all its windows.

Old White Man Shows Gun to Antifa
Twitter / Andy Ngô

"After being assaulted with pepper spray, the person pulled a handgun from his waistband to defend himself," Oregon State Police said in a statement and continued: "He did not point the weapon at anyone and dropped it when ordered to do so by Law Enforcement.''

The police confirmed that the white-haired man had a valid gun license and was detained and interviewed by the officers and was let off immediately. ''This person has a valid concealed handgun license. This person was detained, interviewed and then released," read the statement.