Orderific: The Gateway to Contactless and Superfast Ordering System


Most restaurant owners and waiters are often spent up during peak business hours. Customers who can't stand the long wait may leave out of anger, reducing patronage and income. This isn't good for business.

The Orderific team is aware of this challenge is poised to help players in the hospitality business overcome it, reduce wait time, and increase patronage and income.

About Orderific.

According to the team, "Orderific is a menu QR code that not only pulls up a contactless menu for your customers but allows them to place their own orders and pay for their meal..."

The innovative QR code allows customers to place their orders without waiting for human waiters to take them. The order automation reduces wait times and speeds up table turnover rate. Besides increasing the number of satisfied customers, it is also a cost-effective technique that increases revenue as it reduces the number of paid labour.

Placing orders is pretty easy with its simple three-step:

  • Browse the menu

Rather than wait for the waiter to take the menu to waiting customers, they can scroll through the menu from their mobile devices by simply entering their email addresses. The QR Code will direct them to the digital menu where they can effortlessly browse through the available dishes.

  • Place your order

After going through the menu, users can place their orders easily with the push of a button. There's no better way to give you customers a memorable dining experience than allow them order their dishes from the comfort of their mobile devices.

  • Order delivered

Your kitchen staff will be notified of the placed orders as soon as the guest is done placing them. This allows the staff to get to work pronto and deliver the dishes in no time. With improved ordering and preparation efficiency, you are guaranteed improved customers' satisfaction, fewer lost orders, and higher sales.

Using the Orderific QR Code

Here are some outstanding benefits automating the ordering process will bring for your business:

  • Swift delivery guaranteed

The manual ordering process is time consuming. It takes a lot of time to take the menu to guests and relay their orders to the kitchen. Automating the process removes that time and speeds up the entire process.

  • List building

Each customer needs to input their emails when using the automated order software. You can gradually build an email of your customers and forwarded new dishes, discounts, promos, and other incentives through their mails. That's another brilliant way to retain their patronage.

  • Easier menu updating

Telling customers that you've run out of a menu can be disappointing and embarrassing. Spare yourself of the embarrassment by using the Orderific QR Code that allows you to update your menu effortlessly.

Remove a menu from the list if you've run out of them and include it when you have it. Updating your menu is pretty easy because you can do that by simply clicking a button.

  • Ecofriendly

Paper menus contribute to the damaged ecosystem. Many trees are cut down to product those papers and that can unbalance the ecosystem.

With the automated menu, you don't need papers and that safes more trees, contributing to a healthier environment.

  • Its popular

Most technology-compliant restaurants in Dubai and its environment are gradually shifting from paper menus to digital menus. Thanks to its multiple positive effects on the restaurant industry, it's a household name among restaurant owners in the region and its environ.

  • It's free

Orderific QR Code allows you to improve your customer service and income without costing you an extra dime. The smart ordering system is entirely free forever. However, the Premium Package attracts a monthly subscription fee of $100 only.

The Premium Package includes advanced features such as accounting, inventorying, payment processing, reports, and analytics.

Restaurant owners who desire to remain in business are considering ditching paper menus for Orderific QR Code. That's a smart decision with a positive impact on their businesses.