Open Campus launches Open Campus ID: empowering learners with data ownership, unlocking innovative educational experiences

Open Campus

Open Campus today announced that Open Campus ID, its decentralized identifier (DID), will launch on 23 January to connect potentially millions of learners from Open Campus' network of partners to Web3 education through the Open Campus Alliance, an ecosystem of educational companies that have committed to adopt the EDU token and Open Campus products and initiatives. Open Campus ID will empower students, educators, and educational institutions around the world by enhancing educational experiences and providing learners with control over their educational data.

An Open Campus ID gives its owner a unique .edu identifier, facilitating the decentralized and self-sovereign storage of their user profiles and academic information. Learners can create profiles and learning plans associated with their .edu identifier, which can be used to tailor educational experiences, recommend relevant courses or resources, and facilitate adaptive learning journeys based on their unique needs and interests.

Open Campus ID will be integrated with the learning systems of participating schools and other educational institutions in the Open Campus Alliance to enable the issuance of on-chain verifiable credentials in a privacy-preserving manner made possible by the learner profiles linked to each Open Campus ID.

The Open Campus Alliance currently comprises more than 30 companies with an educational focus that have committed to adopt the EDU token and Open Campus products. The Open Campus Alliance includes TinyTap, Mocaverse, Hooked, New Campus GEMS Education, Weeve, Metalympics, CoderSchool, Blockchain Center, Bondex, Edu3Labs and BitDegree. Open Campus aims to onboard millions of users to Open Campus ID by integrating Open Campus ID into the platforms of organizations participating in the Open Campus Alliance, allowing the recording of educational data in a decentralized, self-sovereign manner.

Additionally, the Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) will deploy a US$10 million fund to drive the onboarding of a further 100 education start-ups into the Open Campus Alliance and Open Campus ID, enriching the variety and scope of the Open Campus ecosystem's educational offerings and learner base. The Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) has already added various companies to the Open Campus Alliance, including Skizaa, EduCup, Collective, Atiom and, which together have more than 1.8 million learners.

"Open Campus ID symbolizes a paradigm shift in education, aligning it with the principles of Web3," says Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands and a member of the EDU Foundation Council. "By decentralizing educational data and giving learners ownership of their achievements, we're not just transforming identities; we're reshaping the entire learning landscape to become more equitable, accessible, and geared toward the future."

"Through the Open Campus Alliance, we're uniting a diverse network of education innovators, from TinyTap to GEMS Education, under one vision," says Yogev Shelley, CEO of TinyTap and a member of the EDU Foundation Council. "With the adoption of Open Campus ID, we're empowering this network to leverage decentralized technologies, bringing a new dimension of interoperability and personalized learning experiences to millions of learners globally."

Adopting the Open Campus ID allows education companies to exercise a greater active role in shaping the future of education. The unique system of Open Campus ID, which is underpinned by decentralized technology, empowers users to control and own their academic data, fostering an innovative environment for both learning and teaching. By adopting Open Campus ID, educators and learners are helping to pioneer a shift in the educational paradigm, signifying a move away from traditional centralized educational models toward a more equitable, accessible, and personalized educational landscape.