OnlyFans Appoints Mumbai Girl Amrapali Gan as New CEO; Indians Ask For a 'Discount' on Twitter

The new CEO of the adult subscription site is an Indian and Indian can't keep calm about it!

Indian went berserk on Twitter after it was announced that a Mumbai-based woman, Amrapali Gan is appointed as the new CEO of the adult subscription entertainment site OnlyFans. The founder Tim Stokely, who led the company for five years, stepped down as the CEO on Tuesday, December 21, and handed over the reins of the company to its former Marketing and Communications officer, 36-year-old Amrapali Gan. She joined the company in 2020 and has been working side-by-side with Stokley ever since.

Stokely noted in his announcement that will continue with OnlyFans as an advisor and help smoothen the leadership transition. On passing his role to a 36-year-old Indian woman, Stokely stressed that Amrapali has a 'deep passion for OnlyFans' business' and that he's passing the baton to a friend and colleague who has the vision and drive to help the organization reach its tremendous potential.

OnlyFans announced that Tim Stokely is leaving the company to 'pursue other endeavors.' However, a spokesperson for the company refused to comment further on the reason behind Stokely stepping down as the CEO.

Amrapali Gun
Amrapali Gun Screen grab - Twitter

'Indians will be like: Any discount?'

As soon as the news of an Indian becoming the new CEO of OnlyFans became public, Indians went crazy on Twitter, coming up with quirky reactions to the same. One user joked if the new CEO will come out with a feature that has different Indian regional languages for explicit content. Another wondered if Indians will ask for a discount now that the CEO of OnlyFans is an Indian,

Some users also wondered if Amrapali Gan will get as much attention on Twitter as Parag Agarwal did when he was announced the new CEO of Twitter. "Saw so many tweets for Parag Agarwal but close to none for Amrapali Gan," one person tweeted.

Before joining OnlyFans, Amrapali worked with unicorn Quest Nutrition as the Head of Brand Communications, and for Red Bull Media House where she focused on Activation & Communications. She also served as Vice President of Marketing, helping launch and rebrand the first cannabis restaurant in the US.