OnePlus and Xiaomi users complain about the battery draining issue caused by latest WhatsApp's update

The latest version of WhatsApp is draining the battery life, complains OnePlus and Xiaomi users. To solve this hassle, download the previous WhatsApp version, until the company comes up with a bug-fix update

WhatsApp stickersWhatsApp Press Kit (screen-shot)
WhatsApp stickers WhatsApp Press Kit screen-shot

From a couple of days, malefic news about WhatsApp is going rounds all over the world. As the Facebook-owned app trying to recuperate from the recent spyware issue, it hears another trouble from the users. Recently, many users have complained that their battery life is draining faster on Android phones. From Twitter to Reddit to One Plus forums, users have asked for an explanatory reason behind this issue.

Later it is found that the latest WhatsApp 2.19.308 version, which was rolled-out recently is the cause behind this. Not only One Plus, but few other smartphones experienced this issue, including Samsung, Xiaomi, and other brands. It is also seen that Android 9 Pie and Android 10 versions users faced this battery draining problem in plenty than the ones who are using other Android versions.

Some of the users on One Plus forum stated that the latest version of WhatsApp is utilizing more than 30% of their battery. And one of the users on Reddit reported that "My phone strangely shows that WhatsApp used battery While in active use for 1.5 hours, which is not true since only opened the app for a minute".

Latest WhatsApp version is draining battery life
Latest WhatsApp version is draining battery life Eclair - OnePlus Forum

We are presuming that WhatsApp may come up with a new updated version to destroy this flaw. But the messaging platform didn't state anything officially about this issue. However, to resolve this issue temporarily, just demote your WhatsApp version by downloading the previous version.

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