OnePlus 5T launch today: What it still lacks?

The latest OnePlus 5T clearly lacks the wireless charging option that is a common feature in its rival phones.

The OnePlus 5T is all set to be launched at 11am GMT in New York with huge screening of the event live across the major cities of the world, including some theatres at 9:30 pm IST in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune, where OnePlus claims that the tickets have already been sold.

OnePlus 5T with an upgraded bezel-less design in 18:9 aspect ratio, is poised to stack with rival smartphones -- iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. But it clearly lacks the wireless charging option that is a common feature in its rival phones.

The livestreaming of the event is available on Youtube at the embedded video link below:

OnePlus has confirmed so far of the 3.5mm audio jack while online leaks revealed that the OnePlus 5T will have a 6-inch full HD+ display, making it OnePlus's first phone with 18:9 aspect ratio that is its largest.

The bezel-less body is expected to feature a continuous hard line around the edge of the phone. The Horizon Line, a key element of OnePlus design that "casts one half of the phone in light and the other in shadow, offering an elegant, streamlined appearance," says OnePlus.

The company claims that minimalistic design is achieved by a new crescent-shaped antenna that blends seamlessly into the top and bottom edges of the phone, while rounded corners and edges.

The OnePlus 5T is likely to sport Snapdragon 835 chipset, fingerprint sensor on the back, dual camera with OIS, larger image sensors compared to its last brand of OnePlus 5, and a 3450mAh battery.

To be priced around $500 segment, the OnePlus 5T price in India is being speculated to be sold at Rs.34,999 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant and and Rs.39,999 for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage model.

The OnePlus 5T is scheduled for sale in India on November 21 via Amazon India, first to its Prime members and to all a week later. Besides Amazon, it will be available at website and OnePlus offline stores.

Here's what it lacks:

Unlike the iPhoneX or the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 5T doesn't provide for wireless charging, a feature that is the latest trend in all latest smartphones. However, the company claims that the Dash Charge technology in it gives users a day's power in half an hour of charge.