OnePlus might launch its fifth-generation smartphone when fans least expect it since a mishmash of leaks and specs rumours have already appeared here and there. The latest leak could have just affirmed previous speculations that the OnePlus 5 would sport a dual camera, while a 3,300mAh battery could also be in the pipeline.

"Dual Camera. Clearer Photos."

In a photo recently leaked shows the OnePlus 5 packaging with the tag "Dual Camera. Clearer Photos." mounted on it. If this leak holds true, it corroborates to the previous rumours.

Report underscore the firm's primary goal at this time is to focus on camera improvement have occurred long ago when it forged a partnership with DxO Labs, the French image processing software developer. DxO Labs has worked with top of the range camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, and Fujifilm, and even NASA. This move, in particular, shows OnePlus is indeed serious to bring its A game.

Thinner, bezel-less

OnePlus is not short of hints as it has been sporadically dropping posts on Twitter that could refer to its forthcoming smartphone. On Thursday, OnePlus tweeted:

Below the OnePlus 3T could be the OnePlus 5. This tweet seemingly gave prospect buyers a look into the OnePlus 5 as a thinner smartphone than the OnePlus 3T. The tweet also suggests that there could be no upgrade in terms of size. However, hidden behind this is the speculation that the upgrade comes with the screen of the OnePlus 5 by the bezels. Recent smartphone releases have started to sport bezel-less displays like the Samsung Galaxy S8 so it is not surprising that OnePlus is following suit.

3,300mAh battery

Another speculation suggests that the OnePlus 5 might be having a 3,300mAh battery, a step smaller than OnePlus 3T's 3,400mAh. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau mentioned a couple of days ago that the company's next smartphone will be lighter than the OnePlus 3T. This may mean the company is upgrading to a more energy-efficient processor and the battery has to match that.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has kept mum about what it has on its sleeve for OnePlus 5 queuers.