OnePlus 5 adds stabilised 4K support, gets gold colour option

The new "Soft Gold" color option for the OnePlus 5 is initially limited in quantities and comes with lower-end specs.


While there is summer all around the world, it seems to be spring for OnePlus as the Shenzhen-based company has released a new OxygenOS update for the flagship OnePlus 5 and brought a brand new "Soft Gold" color option. The new over-the-air (OTA) software update is rolling out globally as an incremental rollout.

Dubbed OxygenOS 4.5.8, the new firmware majorly adds electronics image stabilisation (EIS) to the available 4K video recording feature on the OnePlus 5. This new change is an upgrade over the existing EIS support for 1080p videos and is designed to stabilised videos recorded in high-quality, 4K resolution. The update also includes an all-new OnePlus Slate font.

OnePlus has additionally uplifted Android security patch level to 1st July 2017. Further, there are improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity and enhancements to standby battery life. The update also has bugfixes for occasional sound leaks when using earphones.

The new update comes days after the release of OxygenOS 4.5.7 update that was halted due to a game stutters bug. The company has notable fixed that odd issue alongside debugging camera shutter sound bug and battery drainage for the OnePlus 5 unit in the Indian region.

How to update

OnePlus 5 users around the globe will receive the new OTA update as a broader rollout in the next few days. Once arrived, the update can be downloaded and installed by visiting the 'System updates' settings.

New color variant in the series

In addition to the new update, OnePlus has launched a "Soft Gold" variant of the OnePlus 5. The new color option sits against Midnight Black and Slate Grey variants.

It was previously presumed that the smartphone would get a red paint job since a gold variant was a part of the previous OnePlus range and is quite common among other Chinese brands. However, the company has preferred to bring a gold coating to offer an even premium device. It is touted to cost half a year to enable the new color.

"It takes an average of 180 days to create and perfect a coating of Soft Gold. Getting a perfectly even and light color starts with running premium aluminum alloy through a diamond cutter. The surface is then sandblasted and polished with intense precision. Each second matters in this process or the anodised color takes on a different shade," OnePlus explains the coloring process in a blog post.

The limited edition Soft Gold OnePlus 5 is debuting worldwide with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The higher-end OnePlus flagship with 8GB of RAM, on the other hand, will now come in Slate Grey color apart from the original Midnight Black version. Moreover, the three color options will not reflect any changes in the price of the smartphone.