One on One with Dr. Nune Stepanyan: An Aesthetics Specialist Transforming Lives

Dr. Nune Stepanyan

Aesthetic empowerment will help you improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem and confidence as you mingle with your peers, whether out and about, in the boardroom, or at a party. Aesthetic procedures are growing in popularity day after day as many people embrace them to improve their physical outlook. Dr. Nune Stepanyan is an aesthetics specialist with vast experience in quality and tasteful aesthetic procedures and, to date, has transformed hundreds of lives.

Nune Stepanyan is a doctor of nursing practice (DNP), advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), certified family nurse practitioner, (FNP-C), and founder of The Stepanyan Clinic. Dr. Nune was born in Armenia, but her parents immigrated to Hollywood, CA, in the early '90s, and she has been living in California ever since. Growing up in Hollywood was tough, but her parents did their best to raise the best children they could. Her parents taught her and her siblings about resilience. Similarly, life in Hollywood taught Dr. Nune and her siblings about adversity and how to get along with and treat individuals from all walks of life.

It took Dr. Nune a solid ten years of formal education and six years of continued education and training to get to her current position. Her journey in the aesthetics industry was not easy initially. She shares, "It was in 2016, and I never got a warm and welcoming invite. I received a lot of backlash instead and was definitely what one would consider an outcast. I had never had any aesthetic treatments on my face. I was overweight, very friendly, and enthusiastic about learning and implementing all things aesthetics, and, let me tell you, these were not things people in this industry wanted to see at that time."

Back then, she was an emergency medicine nurse and would build her clientele from a room in a primary care practice in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, in the medical industry, hazing is quite common and Dr. Nune's entrance in the aesthetic field, was no exception.

Dr. Nune paid no mind to any of the negativity, stayed in her lane, and worked tirelessly to live her dreams. She worked on building a practice from the ground up, all while working on herself. Thus, The Stepanyan Clinic was founded. It is a place where patients get to experience the luxuries of aesthetic medicine. "My patients grew with me. I gained their trust and the trust of their friends and family. That, to me, was worth all the hazing I faced when breaking into this industry. Today, I am proud to say that I train doctors, nurses, PAs, and NPs in advanced injectables, and in no way, shape, or form do I believe this makes me better than them," the aesthetics specialist states.

Obtaining a doctorate in nursing is among Dr. Nune's career highlights. "Being asked to give the commencement speech at my graduation, where I was both a graduate and a Professor, was a surreal moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. All this being said, I truly feel like I am still only beginning," she explained.

A few years from now, Dr. Nune sees The Stepanyan Clinic growing into a space where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and differences come to get that extra sparkle that lights up every room they walk into.