One name that shines bright around the television broadcasting sphere is that of Scott Savlov.

Scott Savlov

Having spearheaded the space with his 25 years old rich experience, he has emerged as one of the most successful industry leaders today

There have been many sectors which have grown exponentially owing to the immense contribution of certain individuals who have taken their respective industries to optimum levels with their talent and skills. They have constantly adapted to the ever-growing changes and molded themselves accordingly to exude the right kind of expertise, which has worked tremendously in their industry's favour. One such individual who has done a wondrous job in the television broadcasting space is Scott Savlov, one of the most knowledgeable and creative minds the sports and entertainment broadcasting industry has ever come across.

"To peak in your professional zone you have to exude pure passion and dwell deep into it to emerge as the best, only then can you take over the reins of that particular zone," says Savlov who has worked for more than two decades in this field, having mastered its workings to the roots. He has a vast body of work behind him ranging from sports to music to a lot more genres, having executed more than 100 hours of programming. Furthermore, he has helped launch several Fortune 500 companies and boost their presence through his shows, events and his company, Savlov Consulting Inc, which has to its credit donating more than $28 million to various charities.

His vast list of accomplishments doesn't stop here as he has even authored one of the best-selling culinary books, 'Club Menu, Signature Dishes of Golf', apart from hosting more than 80 television episodes around the same niche. His tryst with performing in front of a live audience started long back when he was just 16 when he started off on radio covering NBA events. His keen knowledge around this sphere has catapulted him to the topmost position around this industry as his immense talent and skills have pushed this space to the next level owing to his tremendous contribution.