One Dead, Multiple Injured in Second Shooting at Louisiana University in Days

One person was killed and seven others were injured Sunday at Grambling State University in the second deadly shooting at the Louisiana school within four days.

The incident occurred in the quad area of campus when multiple shots were fired around 1 a.m. Sunday, according to social media posts from the university. As a result, a student and six others who were attending the school's homecoming festivities were injured, with one listed in critical condition, Tisha Arnold, a spokesperson for the university, told KOCO. Another non-student was killed. The victims' identities haven't been released.

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At the time of the incident, a homecoming event was underway in McCall Dining Center. All persons present sheltered in place and were released once the all-clear was given by University Police. Homecoming activities — an annual football game accompanied by parties — were cancelled as were Monday and Tuesday classes, the school said. The university set a curfew from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. until further notice.

It was further restricting access to the campus by nonstudents and limiting extracurricular activities, Rick Gallot said at a news conference following the shooting, according to WAFB.

"GramFam, now the is the time to be Unapologetically Unified as we rally to comfort one another after this morning's incident," the school tweeted earlier Sunday.

A suspect hasn't been identified. An investigation is underway and being led by Louisiana State Police.

Students and Parents Express their Disappointment

Meanwhile, some students of the Grambling State University took to Twitter and expressed their frustration and anger over the frequent shootings. One user tweeted, "Dear Grambling State University , As a student I do not feel safe . We as students are tired of running from bullets , we are tired of students dying , we are tired of NON STUDENTS on campus . WE ARE TIRED . this is unacceptable."

Another wrote, "This is an issue at most HBCU's. Most are located in or near bad areas, and there is little to no prevention to keep non students off the campus."

One comment read, "This is really sad to say as a student I'm praying for the whole school I feel their pain both my cousins got killed at Grambling a few years back and nothing still hasn't changed!"

Second Deadly Gunfire Incident to Hit the Campus in 4 Days

The shooting came just days after a non-student was fatally shot by another non-student early on Wednesday in front of the university's Favrot Student Union building. In the October 13 shooting, one person died and three others were injured. The university said on Wednesday it would increase security on campus after that shooting.

Louisiana State Police have issued an arrest warrant in that case for Jatavious Carroll, 18 for one count of Second Degree Murder, one count of Attempted Second Degree Murder and Possessing a Firearm/Weapon on School Property according to KTVE. The Louisiana State Police, who are investigating both Grambling State shootings said the two shootings are believed to be unrelated.