Olivia Culpo Spars With Her Father Peter Culpo Over Revealing Outfit; Is it Publicity Stunt?

In yet another publicity stunt, Olivia Culpo has shared a post online asking her fans to share their views regarding her outfit which was dubbed "inappropriate" by her father.

The clips shared by Culpo on social media have caught the attention of her followers who have stormed her pages with their opinion. The series of clips that have gone viral point towards an argument between the father and daughter over the outfit.

Olivia Culp, 29, is an American influencer, social media personality and an actress who was crowned Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012.

Olivia Culpo

Culpo's Previous Outfits Were Far More Revealing

The fact being that the outfit in question is a denim mini skirt with a matching jacket and beige turtleneck which is far less revealing than the "revealing outfits" that Culpo has worn in the past. This clearly points towards the staged family drama for "extra attention" from the fans and social media followers as has been pointed out in social media chatter.

As reported in Page Six Style, Olivia's father Peter Culpo stated, "It's not age-appropriate. Yeah, underwear, that's what I mean. I thought she had on a bodysuit or something underneath it."

In her reply, Olivia quipped back, "Dad, it's a skirt!" while her mom, Susan, agreed in the background.

A large number of Culpo's fans have come to her rescue as they have voted in favour of her outfit.

It is noteworthy that an American Airline Worker had stopped Culpo from boarding a flight in January this year following her revealing outfit. She had put a hoodie over her outfit in order to board the flight.

A Twitter user wrote, "Skirt is not so bad but that bra shenanigan she pulled on the airplane was garbage. She's an attention seeker fasho! Olivia Culpo's Outfit Causes Family Debate, Father Disapproves https://tmz.com/2022/04/14/olivia-culpo-outfit-cause-family-debate-father-disapprove/?adid=share-tw... via @TMZ."

A Tweet read, "Social Update: Olivia Culpo's Outfit Causes Family Debate, Father Disapproves. Olivia Culpo's dad expressed some concern over her latest outfit choice ... causing a full-blown debate amongst the family! The piece in question is... http://ow.ly/SgV4103yO67 #tmz #theartsandus."

"Here's Why Lizzo's Bare Butt Yitty Airplane Outfit is Angering Olivia Culpo Fans https://jordanthrilla.com/post/heres-why-lizzos-bare-butt-yitty-airplane-outfit-is-angering-olivia-culpo-fans/... #Lizzo #OliviaCulpo" read another tweet.