Olivia Blais, a young model who is kicking goals

Olivia Blais

Olivia Blais is a 24-year-old fashion model. As a child, she was very active and her mother knew she was going to be a good athlete. Volleyball was something she extremely enjoyed and became very good at. At 16, Olivia signed up with a modelling agency. "I sometimes miss the camaraderie of my teammates and the fun weekends away for tournaments", Olivia said.

How did the journey for Olivia start

Olivia started modelling when she was 16. Modelling has been her passion since childhood. She grew up loving being in front of the camera. Olivia began her career in Toronto and worked for many Canadian brands including Urban Planet, Winners, SoftMoc, Sirens, Cineplex.

In 2018, she got signed in London, England which took her career to the next level. "I quickly began to fall in love with modelling and started to become more confident in my skin. I suddenly found myself working for all of the Top UK brands including Missguided, Gymshark, Boohoo, ASOS. To this day I still work with these brands frequently and have built a strong relationship with the clients", Olivia remarked.

Olivia's favourite memory

Olivia's most memorable job was working the Missguided Campaign in London, England. She wore a long blonde wig and it brought her out of the comfort zone. She shot for 2 full days and the campaign was released across the UK. "It was such a surreal moment to see my face all over the tube, billboards and social media platforms", Olivia stated.

Her favourite job was working for Religion in Indonesia. She shot at the most beautiful locations across Bali and got to explore the most breathtaking beaches. Olivia said, "I had the pleasure to work this job with my best friend so it made it even more memorable. This campaign was displayed all over Europe and was great exposure."

Life-changing moments for Olivia

Olivia has worked hard for where she is today. She has worked with distinguished Canadian and prominent UK fashion brands which have opened the doors to be signed by agencies in Indonesia, Germany, London and Sweden. Her photos have been published in Etc &Tal, Elegant Magazine and Lavish Dulhan Magazine. Her pictures were also published in the book "SHE WANTS TO MOVE BOOK" for young female entrepreneurs.

Modelling has provided her with many valuable networking opportunities and granted her a detailed look at how the fashion industry works. Olivia says, "I believe that I have been successful in my field of work because my look is very ethnically ambiguous and I always bring good energy on set. I believe that creating a positive atmosphere on set and connecting with the team will radiate through the images that we create. I enjoy working with photographers that have a creative approach so we can make magic and bring the photos to life."