Oklahoma Boy, 4, Gets his Entire Right Arm RIPPED OFF After being Mauled by Grandma's Pit bull

A 4-year-old boy's arm was dismembered in a vicious attack by his grandmother's pit bull.

A 4-year-old boy got his entire right arm ripped off by his grandma's pit bull. Oklahoma resident, Axel Foster was at his grandparents' home in Tecumseh, near Oklahoma City, when he tried to pet puppies and got his arm dismembered in a vicious attack by a pit bull. The incident took place on Friday night, December 10.

Axel's entire right arm, from just beneath the shoulder was ripped off when the dog mauled at him while he was trying to pet some puppies. The Tecumseh Police Department chief JR Kidney spoke of the incident and noted that he had never before witnessed a limb amputation in an attack by a dog. He noted that Axel's arm was still lying in the pen [where dogs are kept] after the attack.

"When officers and animal control attempted to retrieve the arm, the dog became aggressive to them," chief Kidney noted. According to DailyMail, officers arrived on the scene to find Axel with his grandmother in a terrible state in the driveway of their home.

Alex Foster
Axel Foster Screen grab - KFOR via DailyMail

'The boy's arm could not be reattached'

Police officers arrived at the scene along with firefighters and applied a tourniquet to the boy's wound. Officer Aaron McCormick said in his police report that he could see the arm inside [the pen] and that one of the puppies was trying to chew on it. The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital and an attempt was made to reattach his arm but the surgery was unsuccessful.

The grandparents could face charges of child neglect

"To be over just an innocent type thing of wanting to pet some puppies, it's just devastating," said Chief Kidney. The dog that attacked Axel was shot and killed. Tecumseh Police Department along with Human Services are now probing if Axel was being properly supervised when he went to the pen to play with the dogs. Depending upon the results of the investigation, the grandparents could face charges of child neglect.

Alex Foster
Axel Foster GoFundMe

"I'm hoping it was simply an accident that the child was able to get to the pen, but we will look at everything," Kidney noted. Axel's family set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his treatment. His mother informed that Axel is in a stable condition but not entirely out of danger.