Ohio Man Catches Newborn with One Hand While Driving with Another as Wife Gives Birth in Car

A Cincinnati couple welcomed their baby daughter in the most unusual manner on the way to the hospital.

An Ohio couple welcomed their baby daughter in the most unique and memorable way possible. Ryan Emge was driving his expecting wife to the hospital in haste when the couple was faced with a tough situation. Fox19Now reported that Kelli Emge gave birth in the passenger seat of the car on the way to the hospital, while her husband, Ryan was driving the car.

Cincinnati residents, Ryan and Kelli were driving on the highway on their way to the hospital on Friday, December 3, when his wife gave birth in the passenger seat, and he caught his newborn with one hand while holding the steering with another. Ryan told Fox 19 of Cincinnati that his wife Kelli "took her seatbelt off, put her knees on the seat facing the back, and started giving birth in the passenger seat."

He further said that he was freaked out asked her if he should pull over but the wife insisted he keep driving since they had to reach the hospital in time. "The baby started coming out, so I just reached over with my hand and I caught the baby," he said. The baby then landed in Ryan's hand and he laid her down gently on the seat below. The couple named their newborn daughter, Rebecca.

Kelli Emge with baby Rebecca
Kelli Emge with baby Rebecca Screen grab - Fox19Now

'It was the most impressive thing I have ever seen'

Ryan further noted that his wife's composure during the crucial time was utterly impressive. Kelli, on the other hand, noted that baby Rebecca "made it evident that she was coming and not waiting," during their drive to the hospital. The mother and the baby were later attended to at the Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital. Baby Rebecca is the couple's fourth child.

During the post-birth interview, baby Rebecca was fast asleep in her mother's arms, dressed in a pink onesie, not aware of the surprising way she decided to come out into the world.

Ryan Emge
Ryan Emge Screen grab - Fox19Now