Oh Hae Young Again bids adieu: Eric Munn and Seo Hyun Jin reminisce shoot experience

The drama series aired its final episode on 28 June.

It's a wrap for tvN's rom-com drama, Oh Hae Young Again. After surpassing the highest rating in its Monday-Tuesday slot and getting an extension of two bonus episodes, the drama series aired its final episode on 28 June.

It was quite an intense ambience, and reportedly the protagonist trio felt nostalgic about their last day of shoot. The actors were drenched in gratitude and shared their final thoughts with the media outlet.

Shinhwa's Eric, who portrayed the character of Park Do Kyung, stole the opportunity to thank his fans the most: "Thank you so much for your love all this time. Because [the viewers] laughed and cried with us actors and cheered us on, we were able to persevere without growing weary."

He told Allkpop: "The director, the writers, the staff, and the actors all worked very hard in their own places, without anyone settling for just good enough. Please watch over all of us with love, as we all separate into different places."

Reminiscing the last day at shoot, Seo Hyun Jin affirmed that she is experiencing mixed feeling. The 31-year-old asserted: "It's already the finale date. My mood has been up and down lately. At our last filming, I memorized what the set looked like with my eyes. We were able to achieve this thanks to our Avengers staff, including the brilliant script, our brilliant director, and our brilliant camera directors. I was very happy."

While on the other hand, the second Oh Hae Young, played by pretty Jeon Hye Bin, looked quite satisfied and happy by her performance: "I think I'll be relieved and sad at the same time, once the drama ends. Just being a part of such a fun drama has been an honor and I'm very thankful."

Kim So Hyun and Taec Yeon starrer, Let's Fight Ghost, is set to take up the Monday-Tuesday 23:00 slot from July onwards.

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