Off the Record, Suzy: Netizens complain Lee Min Ho girl friend was 'sexually harassed'

The producing director asked Suzy Bae, "I'm sure you don't have anything lewd, or anything."

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Suzy Bae for Didier Dubot
Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot Facebook/MissA.SuzyB

A day after the new reality show of Miss A member Suzy Bae, "Off the Record, Suzy" made its debut, it got entangled in a controversy. According to Koreaboo, the producing director (PD) of the show is accused by the netizens of sexual harassment for asking indecent questions to the girl friend of Lee Min Ho during the episode.

The producing director interviewed Suzy Bae during the premiere episode of the reality show on Jan. 15, Sunday. As both of them enjoyed a drink or two, the PD asked Suzy to show him the pictures on her phone, which took the idol by surprise. After hesitating a little, she started going through the pictures on her phone to just check in case there is anything weird there.

Noticing the hesitation, the producing director asked the idol if she had anything to hide.The PD asked Suzy, "I'm sure you don't have anything lewd, or anything." To which the singer replied, "There's nothing lewd. Just a lot of sweet photos."

While some viewers loved the conversation between the two, some considered it to be 'indecent', and that the PD crossed a line by asking such question to her. Netizens criticized the PD of the show for insinuating that the singer had lewd photos on her phone. Some fans even accused the PD of sexual harassment.

According to AllkPop, denying all the allegation made, the PD in his official statement stated: "You felt that way... It wasn't anything like that, and there were a lot of things talked about during the filming," he said. "I think it was edited like that because we wanted to work with Suzy's comments as she was looking through her phone!"

The reality show "Off the Record: Suzy" gives the fans the opportunity to witness the 22-year-old singer's lifestyle, right from when she wakes up until she goes off to sleep. Fans are excited to know about Suzy's private life which includes her relation with actor Lee Min Ho.

This article was first published on January 17, 2017