Off-Duty NYPD Cop Opens Fire in Queens Karaoke Bar After Customers Spar over Sex Workers

An off-duty NYPD cop opened fire on Monday during violent gang assault at a Queens karaoke bar. Chaos and disruption followed after three men in the bar declined to tip a female server, who may have been involved in sex work.

The incident happened on November 8 at the Viva KTV karaoke bar on Prince Street in Flushing. Someone informed Sgt. Raymond Wong that the three patrons in the bar weren't tipping women who worked there. According to some reports, the woman staffer also complained that the trio refused to tip her.

How the Violent Episode Unfolded?

Wong is assigned to the 94th Precinct in Brooklyn. He was present at the bar and intervened on the server's behalf, according to the New York Daily News citing unnamed police sources. The officer told the men to give some cash but they didn't listen. Instead, the three customers were frustrated and began beating him up. This action of the trio compelled the officer to pull his pistol and fire at least three times.

Wong was off-duty during this violent episode. However, it is not known whether he was working security in the bar, or was just a patron.

"It sounded like popping balloons. It was inside a private room. It was a regular fight between customers. We called the police," a waiter told the Daily News. The waiter also informed that Wong was a customer and doesn't work for the bar.

"As for involving himself with the girl, it was none of his business. He was a regular customer getting involved with other customers' affairs. It was none of his business," he added.

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The Karaoke Bar Offered Sexual Services?

No serious injuries were reported because of the gunfire. However, Wong was transported to New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. It wasn't immediately clear if the officer would face punishment.

Police arrested the three men, who were identified as Kentvy Wong, 38, Shou Li Xu, 38, and Zhong Xiang Lin, 37. Charges against them were pending.

As reported by the Daily Mail, cops were investigating whether sexual services were being offered in the karaoke bar. The incident was reportedly under "under internal review."