OCN's Black: Reaper-human romance story to star Go Ara and Song Seung-heon?

In the upcoming OCN's thriller drama Black, Go Ara is reportedly in talks to become the female lead, Song Seung-heon is also eyeing on the same project

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In the upcoming OCN's thriller drama Black, Go Ara is reportedly in talks to become the female lead. Song Seung-heon is also reportedly eyeing on the same project.

According to Dramabeans, the drama promises an interesting story-line telling the tale of a grim reaper, who borrows the body of a man and ends up falling in love with a human woman. As this is against the rules of heaven, he's punished by erasing any record of his existence - there remains no trace of him left in the world's memory.

OCN drama Black.
Actors Song Seung-heon and Go Ara will star in OCN grim reaper drama 'Black.' instagram.com/songseungheon1005, twitter.com/FloARA211

If Song Seung-heon confirms, he will be playing the role of Han Moo-kang who is also called by nicknames like "Grim Reaper of Criminals" and "Man in Black." The character Moo-kang was originally a bright and cheerful one, a man with flamboyant fashion sense but something reversed his life completely.

Presently, he is stoic, blank-faced individual wearing black from head to toe. He has become a person who does not even flinch at the most gruesome of crime scenes and is completely expressionless when faced with bloody brutalized corpses.

If Go Ara finalizes, she'll probably play the role of the human woman he falls in love with, however, the details of her character is not released yet.

The concept of the story will undoubtedly remind the fans of the two popular dramas, 49 Days and Goblin. Both the dramas were loved and appreciated.

Fans are hoping that this would be a head-turner too as God's Gift–14 Days writer Choi Ran and Voice PD Kim Hong-sun paired up and they certainly know how to bring about the thrill elements with absolute perfection

OCN's new supernatural crime-thriller Black is scheduled premiere this October.

This article was first published on June 9, 2017