NYT Reporter Faces Backlash for Painting Rosy Picture of Barack Obama's Birthday Bash

The New York Times reporter Annie Karni is under fire after trying to paint a rosy picture of former President Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash at his mansion.

Obama was pictured without a mask at the party and so were the invitees who danced, mingled and dined and didn't care to follow Covid-19 protocols.

New York Times Annie Karni NYT Reporter
Screengrab / CNN

Several people took to Twitter slamming Obama's double standards for preaching people to wear masks, while he threw all caution to the wind and partied with guests like there's no tomorrow at a time when the U.S is witnessing a surge in the Delta variant cases.

The NYT White House Correspondent Annie Karni appeared on a segment in CNN talking to Jim Acosta and when he asked her about the huge maskless crowd at Obama's bash, Karni called the attendees, ''a sophisticated and vaccinated crowd.''

Only recently, both CNN and NYT routinely ran articles saying even the vaccinated can spread the Delta variant and urged everyone to wear masks when they step out and claimed as not doing so is a disservice to the country.

However, the two liberal outlets went soft on Obama's maskless bash saying the attendees were fully vaccinated and the right-wing media is trying to blow things out of proportion.

Columnist Glenn Greenwald shared the clip of Jim Acosta talking to Karni and pointed out the liberal hypocrisy and said, ''A NYT reporter on CNN justifying Obama's huge maskless birthday bash because he only invited 'a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd' is about as emblematic of liberal discourse as it gets. What happened to all the concerns about vaccinated people passing Delta to the unvaccinated?''

However, the NYT reporter clapped back at Greenwald's tweet saying he's taking things out of context in order to make her and Obama's bash look bad and irresponsible.

''Watch the full clip. The Q was, what do people on the island think of the party? The A was me summarizing views of ppl I spoke with: some are upset, + others think the concerns about it are overblown. 'Sophisticated crowd' was from a quote in the story,'' she said while trying to justify her statements.