NYPD Officer Arraigned for Shooting Wife's Lover After Unexpected Midnight Homecoming

Both the NYPD officer and his wife's physical trainer have been released without bail. But if convicted both will serve jail term.

A Long Island NYPD sergeant has been indicted for shooting the alleged lover of his wife. The man identified as his wife's physical trainer, Patrick Catania, is said to have been at his house when Sgt. Justin Ellis paid an unexpected visit.

The 35-year-old officer surrendered to Nassau County authorities early Wednesday. There are chances that he will be arraigned on assault charges for shooting Catania following a clash outside the cop's Seaford home.

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Ellis got off duty and was shocked to see his wife with Catania when he returned his home situated on Stirrup Path and Locust Avenue. Ellis reached home on the midnight of Oct. 25, 2019 and found his wife and Catania, inside the home.

Man Assaults NYPD Officer

Reports claim that the wife was also shocked to see him at that time as she thought he was on a night shift and did not expect him to return home that night. Cops stated that Ellis and Catania started arguing and Ellis dragged the physical trainer out of his house.

Catania is said to have raced to his car, got a baseball bat and started assaulting Ellis. An angry Ellis pulled his gun and fired two times, once hitting Catania. Both Ellis and Catania informed the 911 services. Medics rushed to the spot and took Catania to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for a wound on his chest.

NYPD Officer Stripped of Gun, Suspended

Ellis has 12 years of experience working in the NYPD. But after the incident, he was stripped of his gun and shield. He was demoted to desk duty. He was suspended without pay on Nov. 25. However, he was released without a bail by the Nassau County Criminal Court. But the case is ongoing and if convicted, he is likely to serve seven years in prison.

Meanwhile, reports stated that Catania also surrendered to the court on Wednesday. He has been charged with attempted assault, weapons possession, menacing and criminal trespass. He was also released without any bail. If convicted, he is likely to face 1.5 years of jail term.