NYC Subway Stabbing: Woman Attacks Taser-Wielding Teenage Girl During Heated Argument

Days after a woman stabbed a stranger in the back on Valentine's Day, another horrific tale of stabbing has emerged. A 14-year-old girl has been stabbed in the chest by a young woman in a Brooklyn subway station Saturday night after the girl whipped out a Taser amid a vicious argument. The girl, who has suffered an injury from the attack, is expected to survive. The NYPD is searching for the 18-year-old young woman, whose whereabouts is yet unknown.

It has been learned that the teenager got into a heated argument with the woman shortly after 6 PM. Police said that the two were at the stairwell of the No. 3 Sutter Avenue-Rutland Road subway station in Brownsville. During the argument, the teen pulled out a Taser and tried to scare the woman while she responded by whipping out a knife instead and stabbed the girl in the chest, according to police.

Police further said that the woman fled the scene with about eight to 10 other people soon after the incident. The 14-year-old girl has been admitted to Brookdale Hospital, who is currently undergoing treatment. The train station was sealed and people were vacated as police conducted an investigation the same night of the incident. Later, the MTA also took to Twitter to inform the public around 8 PM that trains were bypassing the station due to police investigation and the public could use the nearby bus service.

Stabbing (Representational image)
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Moreover, there was a witness, who has narrated the chaotic scene. The witness told police that the conductor asked all straphangers to get off a train that arrived at the station shortly after the bloodshed incident.

New York Stabbing on Valentine's Day

This isn't the first case of a woman stabbing in a public place, earlier, there was an incident on Valentine's day when a woman stabbed a man multiple times in the back with an unknown sharp object on a northbound 1 train near the 34th Street/Penn Station stop. The incident took place in broad daylight around 4:30 PM. The female suspect then fled the scene.

Meanwhile, in another deadly incident police in New York City last month arrested a man suspected of a string of knife attacks on the city's subway. Reportedly, two persons were killed and two others suffered injuries in a matter of hours during the brutal stabbing spree.

Police apprehended the male suspect when he was still smeared with blood and carrying the knife allegedly used for slaying his victims.

Another stabbing case has just come to light as DC Police Department tweeted: "Stabbing at New York Ave NE/West Virginia Ave NE. Look out for one suspect, wearing a blue and white jacket, tan pants, carrying a duffle bag, armed with a knife."

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