NY Man Harbors Cop-Shooting Felon and Lies About It; Arrested After Felon Shoots 2 More Marshals

Grant Grandison, 35, from Bronx, was arrested on 4 December 2020 for harboring a fugitive from the law and lying about it.

It is not without reason that the wise say one should not associate with the wrong kind of friends. Grant Grandison from New York learnt his lesson the hard way after he was arrested on 4 December 2020 for harboring a fugitive from the law and lying to police officers about it.

The Bronx resident, 35, had allowed a fugitive—Andre K. Sterling, who shot a state trooper in Massachusetts on 20 November 2020—to reside in his apartment. He also lied to Deputy United Stated Marshals who sought to apprehend Sterling that he was not present at his residence. This finally resulted in the Sterling shooting and injuring of two Marshals and succumbing to their return fire.

"As alleged, Grant Grandison's conduct led to the horrific shooting of two Deputy United States Marshals who were just doing their jobs in attempting to arrest Andre K. Sterling, a man wanted for a violent felony. We are lucky that more law enforcement officers were not injured during the shooting, and it appears that both injured Marshals will recover," said Audrey Strauss, Acting US Attorney, in a statement.

Harboring A Fugitive

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A Massachusetts State Trooper was allegedly shot by Andre K. Sterling on or around 20 November 2020, during a traffic stop in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Following the incident, Sterling fled the state and was declared a fugitive. A federal was issued for Sterling's apprehension on 24 November 2020.

Accompanied by officers state troopers from the Massachusetts State Police and officers from the NYPD, a team of Deputy United States Marshals arrived at an apartment in Bronx—Grandison's residence—where they suspected Sterling was taking refuge. Upon identifying themselves as "US Marshals", they were met by Grandison at the door.

According to the law enforcement officials despite being aware of Sterling's status as a fugitive, Grandison lied that he was not present in the apartment. As the Marshals proceeded to enter the apartment, Sterling open fired at them. Two Marshals were struck and injured. When the Marshals fired back at the fugitive, he was killed. A firearm was recovered near the deceased criminal.

Lies That Will Land Him Behind Bars

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During an interview by law enforcement agents after the incident, Grandison admitted that he let Sterling stay at the apartment despite knowing he was a fugitive. He also confessed that Sterling had asked him to state that he was not present at the apartment in case someone came looking for him.

Grandison has been charged with one count of making false statements to a federal agents and one count of harboring or concealing a person from arrest. Each of the counts comes with a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

"Unfortunately, and as alleged, the actions of Grandison dictated the events that led to the shooting of two Deputy United States Marshals on that morning in the Bronx. The heroic actions of the Deputy United States Marshals and Task Force Members that day are a true testament to the dangers of entering an unknown location in search of a violent fugitive," said US Marshal Ralph Sozio.