NUS Student Yin Zi Qin Gets Away With 'Light Punishment' in Girlfriend Strangling Case

Yin Zi Qin, student of the National University of Singapore, strangled his ex-girlfriend over a break-up and injured her eye badly.

Yin Zi Qin, a student of dentistry in the National University of Singapore (NUS), has been suspended from the university and given short-term detention by the court for strangling and injuring his ex-girlfriend. Angry netizens are demanding harsher punishment to Zi Qin and have started a petition in this regard.

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The University has stated that Zi Qin is not allowed inside the campus for the time being. The matter cannot be investigated by the university as the incident occurred outside the college campus, it says.

Demand for Expulsion From College, Jail Term

The court gave its verdict in the case, awarding 12 days of short detention to Zi Qin along with attending counseling for five hours and 80 hours of community service in one year. The court opined that there are less chances of the accused repeating the crime.

Netizens are seeing red as they consider both the punishments, by the university as well as by the court, as not sufficient. Demanding a harsher sentence, two online petitions have been started. So far 22,000 people have signed these petitions.

The fact that voluntarily causing injury can attract up to two years of jail term along with a fine of $5,000 and in terms of college, expulsion have been taken into consideration by these petitions, explaining that the current sentence is much lighter when considering what the girl had to face.

Jilted Lover Causing Injury

The incident occurred nearly six months ago when the girl who was dating Xi Qin decided to break up with him after two years of being in a relationship. Xi Quin couldn't take it and he entered her house illegally using the access card she had given him when they were in good terms. He reached her bedroom, gave her flowers and requested her not to break up with him.

But when she refused to accept his offer, he started strangling her and pressed her eyes, causing it damage. When one of her eyes started bleeding she fell unconscious on the floor. Her stepfather rescued her and took her to the hospital immediately.

The girl suffered a temporary impairment to her vision. She had blurred vision with eye infection for five months since the incident. She had to wear an eye patch for months to save herself from going blind. She also suffers from insomnia and nightmares, reports claim.

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