Nurse takes nude photos during operation, woman files lawsuit for medical malpractice

Medical malpractice
Medical malpractice (Representational picture) Reuters

A patient completely surrenders himself or herself to medical staff when he or she enters a hospital and news of medical malpractice just make us think where humanity is going day by day. However, the worst nightmare came true for a woman in the US as a nurse clicked naked pictures of her when she was lying vulnerable on the operation table. The nurse from Washington hospital was later sued by the victim.

The woman called Sheila Harosky, who was also a former staff of Pennsylvania hospital and worked for more than a decade in Washington hospital, has claimed that a nurse named Sharon Bourgo has taken embarrassing photographs of her when she was going through an incisional hernia operation.

What is more shocking is that the incident happened in the same hospital where Harosky worked for years.

According to the CBS Pittsburgh, Bourgo shared those pictures with other employees and later she sent those to Harosky as well.

"She showed me four to six photos of me unconscious in the OR being prepped for surgery," said Haroksy.

"There was my private parts. There was everything, everything that you see in the OR," she further added.

Even though the 45-year-old victim took that matter to HR, the authority did not respond the way they should have. Later she said that the administrative assistant apologized for the incident.

"Nobody said they were sorry, except for her, not my management team, not the administration, not HR, no one. They were treating me like I had done something wrong," said Harosky.

She logged a report against the hospital, including the CEO, Dr. Brown, and the medical team. The attorney for Harosky commented on the matter and said, "To take a photograph of someone's genitalia is just egregious."

However, according to the Tribune-Review, later in a statement the hospital authority denied those allegations and said, "Washington Health System disputes the version of events that has been published and intends to defend the claim."

They also mentioned that Harosky knew that what is happening, as she triggered the event by placing the fake intestine "at the time of the surgical procedure as a practical joke on her friends, co-workers and the surgeon."

On the other hand, Harosky accepted that she was a part of the joke but didn't give permission to the nurse or anyone to take such inappropriate photos.

However, the Health Department of the state has confirmed that the hospital was found guilty of not following state policy on cell phone use. They have mentioned that this kind of illegal activates could trigger such violations in other medical organization as well.