Nuraini Noor 'Tuti': Asia's Next Top Model hits out at hardline critics

'I don't like to put labels on anything. I'm a citizen of the world'

Malaysian model Nuraini Noor, known by her stage name Tuti, has hit out against hardline Muslim critics in her country for critiquing her appearance on the latest season of Asia's Next Top Model reality TV show.

Tuti, one of the 14 contestants in the TV show, said everyone can have their opinion but it was wrong to put labels on anything.

Her comments came after her participation in the TV show featuring models from ten Asian countries triggered an online discussion focusing on her religion.

"What really separates us is not skin colour nor religion. It's opportunity," Noor told the BBC, defending her right to be on the show.

"I don't like to put labels on anything. I'm a citizen of the world. I'm that kind of girl who chase[s] her dreams," the 24-year-old said.

Earlier, critics called for her withdrawal from the AsNTM show saying models wear improper dress on the show and that they allow boys to touch them.

"This is not a matter of pride for Malay people, who are mainly Muslim. Furthermore in this event people are told to wear clothes that are not proper, and can be touched by boys," a Facebook commented on the show, according to The Malay Mail.

There was a plethora of comments on the same lines, with some saying that Muslims have to go by certain rules.

However, Noor has said she has no intentions to pull out of the show, saying she will rather work on the sensitivities attached to her involvement in the show by working with "the producers, photographer, stylist and everyone involved on issues such as this."

"At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to produce good photos and to fulfil your brief and that's what I intend to do every time," she said.

The latest episode of Asia's Next Top Model, AsNTM Cycle 4, starts airing on 9 March. In Malaysia the show will be premiered on Astro's Star World channel.