Number of Singaporeans with no religious affiliation on the rise
A worshipper places gold paper on a statue of Buddha during Vesak Day celebrations in Singapore May 31, 2007. Reuters

There is progressive decline in the number of people in Singapore who identify theses with any religion, the General Household Survey 2015 has shown.

Thos who said they did not have any religious affiliation rose to 18.5 percent in the last year from 17 percent in 2010, the report said.

Among those aged 15 to 24, 23 percent said they did not identify with any religion, while this segment represented 14.6 percent of the population six years ago.

In ethnic terms the Chinese were more inclined to drift away from religiosity. As many as 23.3 percent of the Chinese described themselves as having no religious affiliation. This segment represented 0.3 percent of the Malays and 1.4 percent of Indians.

A breakup of Singapore population on religious lines showed 43.2 percent were Buddhists or Taoists, 18.8 percent Christians, 14 percent Muslims and 5 percent Hindus.