NU'EST W bags first TV music show award since debut

NU'EST W bagged the award on "M Countdown" on October 19 through their song "Where You At."

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Korean boy band NU'EST W won their first ever TV music show trophy since their debut.

NU'EST W bagged the award on "M Countdown" on October 19 through their song "Where You At." They were pitted against boy band GOT7 but won in the end. The boys were stunned when they won that they found it hard to speak.

"Thank you for supporting us. Thank you to our family and fans who have kept supporting us. Thank you so much," said JR.

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NU'EST W, composed of JR, Baekho, Aaron and Ren, is a subunit of NU'EST, which debuted in 2012. The new group was formed when member Minhyun won in "Produce 101" Season 2 and is now a temporary member of boy band Wanna One, which will be active until December 2018.

After they won, NU'EST W went to the SBS Power FM radio program "Lee Guk Joo's Youngstreet" where they discussed the feat.

"I couldn't speak properly. It was hard to stand because my legs felt weak. I'm really thankful to our fans who cheered for us. It's because of them I was able to be so happy, and I really want to tell them thank you," revealed JR.

Baekho said he was surprised and "leader JR took the microphone and gave us the look that he couldn't think of anything. We couldn't think of anything either, so we couldn't take it from him."

"My mind was blank, too, so if there was a member who was calm and collected, I thought he could [say the speech], so I asked if they could do it, but they said they couldn't," added JR.

NU'EST failed to achieve stardom until members they participated as trainees on "Produce 101." From there, their popularity grew.

In addition, NU'EST W topped the weekly single, album and download categories on Gaon Chart for the period October 8 to 14.

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

1. NU'EST W - "Where You At"

2. Sechskies - "Something Special"

3. Bolbbalgan4 - "Some"

4. Bolbbalgan4 - "To My Youth"

5. BTS - "DNA"

6. Yoon Jong Shin - "Like It"

7. IU - "Autumn Morning"

8. Bolbbalgan4 - "Blue"

9. Yoon Jong Shin - "Trace"

10. Woo Won Jae ft. LOCO & GRAY - "We Are"

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

1. NU'EST W - 'W, HERE'

2. GOT7 - '7 FOR 7'

3. IU - 'Kkot-Galpi #2: A Flower Bookmark'

4. Sechskies - 'ANOTHER LIGHT'

5. BTS - 'Love Yourself HER'

6. SF9 - 'Knights Of The Sun'

7. Wanna One - '1X1=1 (TO BE ONE)'

8. B1A4 - 'Rollin'

9. MXM - 'UNMIX'

10. Rainz - 'Sunshine'

Online Downloads For The Week

1. NU'EST W - "Where You At" - 136,982 Downloads

2. Bolbbalgan4 - "Some" - 112,257 Downloads

3. Yoon Jong Shin - "Trace" - 103,585 Downloads

4. Davichi - "To Me" - 93,496 Downloads

5. Sechskies - "Something Special" - 93,106 Downloads

6. Bolbbalgan4 - "To My Youth" - 84,702 Downloads

7. Gray ft. Sleepy, Loco, Hoody - "I'm Fine" - 83,635 Downloads

8. Bolbbalgan4 - "Blue" - 68,115 Downloads

9. Yoon Jong Shin - "Like It" - 65,812 Downloads

10. IU - "Autumn Morning" - 63,081 Downloads

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