Topless photo controversy: Captain America star Hayley Atwell racy photo leaked online

Hayley Atwell
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Captain America movie star Hayley Atwell is the latest victim of "nude selfie" leak on an adult website. The hackers have allegedly threatened to release more nude pictures of Atwell, who played the role of Peggy Carter in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As per a report by The Sun, the 36-year-old Hayley Atwell is apparently shown in a nude selfie that has been posted onto an x-rated website, which has a history of illegally uploading the pictures of celebrities.

As per the reports, the uploader has also posted a threatening message to release more such pictures of Hayley in the near future.

They wrote: "Busty British actress Hayley Atwell appears to have just had the nude photo above leaked to the Web as part of a preview for the upcoming leaking of her full set."

This is not the first time when a known celebrity has become the victim of such scandal, which is commonly known as Fappening in the internet world. In the past, several nude photos and videos of several Hollywood actresses were allegedly leaked and posted on the website Celeb Jihad.

So, how do these hackers get hold on to such images? Well, a celebrity crisis expert with the VIP cybersecurity company Faction.One explained in 2017 after Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn's private photos were leaked that websites like "try to skirt the laws of the U.S. by being hosted offshore." He added: "By being located offshore, some sites think they don't need to adhere to the laws of many countries or that it's simply another layer of protection against the lawyers that represent these A-list clients," reports Fox News.

Meanwhile, Hayley Atwell shot to global stardom after starring as Peggy Carter in Captain America movie franchise. She also portrayed the same role in TV series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and Avengers Assemble.

Hayley Atwell was most recently seen in Marc Forster's Christopher Robin. In the fantasy comedy-drama film, she starred next to Ewan McGregor, who played the lead role in the movie. The Disney movie was made against a budget of $75 million and went on to earn more than $197 million worldwide and received mostly positive reviews from critics.

As per a report by Fox News, an industry insider as stated that the Black Mirror actress is most likely to take legal action over the alleged hacking.

This article was first published on December 24, 2018
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