Nuclear crisis intensifies as China's military practices over sea near Korea

Situation deepens further with China's military practices for 'surprise attack' over sea near Korea.

North Korea
Representational image of one of two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bomber is seen from a refueling aircraft during a mission to fly in the vicinity of Kyushu, Japan, the East China Sea, and the Korean peninsula June 20, 2017. Reuters

China's air force carried out exercises near the Korean peninsula, as a practice of defense against a "surprise attack" which might come over the sea, the Chinese media stated.

The particular exercise came as a response to North Korea's sixth and most potent nuclear test which generated apprehension globally, putting everyone to perturbation that the isolated nation might scheme more weapon tests, possibly of long range missiles.

The anti-aircraft defense battalion held its exercise earlier on Sept. 5, near the Bohai sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, detaching China from the Korean peninsula. To thwart the "surprise attack" feigning real battle, Chinese troops began their drills immediately.

An online portal, stated that for the first time certain weapons, unidentified by the website, was put to practical use in order to shoot down low altitude targets coming over the sea.

"The troops' rapid response capabilities and actual combat levels have effectively been tested," the Chinese media confirmed. The exercise was conducted merely to boost the troops' potential.

The drills "do not target any particular goal or country", China's Defense Ministry, said on its website, as a reciprocation to media statements, late on Wednesday.

North Korea's current state of affairs and actions have raised concerns in the opponent wing, involving South Korea and the United States. They have been exploring the idea of moving aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula. Donald Trump's tweet on Sept.5 might embrace further tension, as he suggests providing Japan and South Korea with the authority, for buying "highly sophisticated military equipment from the States".

International politics have turned frigid and inhospitable since Trump's coronation, with the North and South Korean squabble, further muddling up situations. Nations fighting for supremacy will finally lead to a blind and bovine world. The world detests another war. As opposed to further tussles and contests harmony is what the world currently seeks.