NUS student arrested for molesting woman in train


A 23-year-old National University of Singapore student has been arrested for allegedly molesting a woman multiple times in a train. The incident apparently happened last Wednesday when the woman was travelling from Punggol station to the Serangoon MRT station.

After boarding the train at around 11.20 PM, the woman sat in a seat next to the man. After some time, the man slowly touched the woman's thigh and initially, the woman thought that the touch was accidental. Even though the woman crossed her legs to create more gap between them, the alleged convict continued his action and tried to molest the woman again.

After ten minutes, the woman alighted at the Serangoon MRT station. However, the man followed her and tried to molest again while she was on the escalator. In the meantime, the woman informed her friends regarding the incident via text messages.

The woman alleged that the service staff in the MRT station did nothing when she yelled out after getting molested.

"I felt his finger run between my legs... I yelled a profanity at him because I was so stunned by what was happening. I pointed at the man and yelled that he was a molester, hoping someone would stop him. But people just stared and did nothing," said the woman, The New Paper reports.

The victim soon lodged a police complaint, and the alleged accused was arrested on Sunday along Hougang Avenue. After the arrest, Police made it clear that the investigations are progressing steadily. It has been learned that the alleged convict does not have any prior offenses.

If found guilty, the accused could be jailed for up to two years with a fine and caning.

After the arrest, the victim said that people should come forward to help especially when women face such horrible situations.

This article was first published on September 18, 2018