Now stream videos directly from your Gmail inbox

You can now stream a video directly from your Gmail inbox after you click its hyperlink in the email.


Google has finally brought about a small yet very significant change in their desktop Gmail. From now on, instead of having to download a cumbersome large file and then play it with a video player, you will be able to stream it directly from Gmail inbox.

When you click on a video link sent by someone, an online player will materialise with some basic tinkering options like replaying and adjusting the volume levels. According to The Verge however, not all videos are working soundly with this feature and it gave them an error message. But nonetheless, even if it is at its rudimentary stage, it is a welcome change.

In a blog post, Google said "This feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps, so video is delivered at optimal quality and availability."

It would, however, be unwise to expect high-end quality from the videos owing to the fact that you will only be able to receive 50MB in attachments and send 25MB over when you are mailing. So, don't expect 4k videos to be up for streaming.

Google is not wasting time to roll it out to all of its users, but believes that it will take at least 15 days for the feature to have a complete roll out to its huge user base.