Novasphere Media's Young CEO Liam Su Loves Playing Different Roles In Life

Liam Su

His colleagues know him as a "serial night owl, a tea addict....and probably an android." However, none of these monikers justify the great work that the 23-year old Liam Su has managed to put under his belt as the CEO-Managing Director of Novasphere Media. It is a new-age boutique online advertising agency that serves business owners, especially small entrepreneurs, across North America.

Liam, while still being a student, has created a world-class service, bringing in strategies employed by Fortune-500 companies, and offering the same to brands of all shapes and sizes at an affordable rate. The agency's mission is to "help entrepreneurs stay competitive and chase their dreams."

Liam's Mission

Novasphere's mission resonates with Liam's past and in it, this dynamic entrepreneur finds a resonance that he has been looking for ever since he became aware of where his destiny was. In his own words, "Coming from a poor family, I also didn't have an abundance or money mindset so I didn't understand the value of investing large sums of money and delegating when I first started out. This slowed my agency's growth at the start, and it wasn't until the light bulb went on in my head (thanks to my mentors) that I was able to get over my fear of spending money and actually start seeing growth."

The reluctance didn't remain for long as Novasphere reached a 5-figure income just within 3 months of its launch. On the way, it helped its clients touch milestones like 90K in ROI in just 3 months during the first lockdown in Canada and achieved a 66% conversion rate while Canada was coming out of 3rd lockdown. Working even during adverse circumstances, this Vancouver-based agency kept working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them gain recognition for their services.

Lessons under Lockdown

Speaking about the lessons learnt under various phases of lockdown in the past more than one year, Liam has this to say, "One of the most important lessons that I learnt was that businesses that can't let go of old ways are doomed to close down. When a business is in a scarcity mindset, trying to save up every single penny, its journey is often painful and it is more likely to shut down because it is not willing to invest to adapt to changing conditions." Before the pandemic Liam believed that everyone needed help whether they were aware of that need or not. And it is people's willingness to accept help, which is directly correlated to their success in business. And during the pandemic, he realized that even during crisis time, small businesses often stick together to support the community in whatever ways they can.

Entrepreneur Speaks

When asked about the reason behind courting success at such a young age, while also studying to become Doctor of Law at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, Liam says, "Every night, I'll block out about 15minutes to write down my agenda and schedule for the next day. It allows me to block out time to completely focus on one task at a time so that I can do that one thing with 100% of my focus and energy as opposed to doing everything at the same time with only 20% of my focus. This has helped me increase my efficiency and attention to detail, especially when building out systems."

Today Liam's baby, Novashare Media, has an experienced team that works with brands right from mom and pop shops to start-ups and Fortune 500 organisations, creating new milestones in sectors as diverse as health/wellness, professional services, and beauty. And all the while, the agency carries on building a flexible digital program that offers innovation and growth to your business.