Not One, This Rattlesnake Has Two Heads and Disproportionate Body

Bite of rattlesnakes usually results in severe pain, vomiting, hemorrhage and sometimes heart failure.

two head rattlesnake
Greyson Getty

Greyson Getty, a snake wrangler from Phoenix, Arizona, has discovered a rattlesnake that has two heads. Two-head creatures among animals, including human beings, are very rare, and it is usually the result of mutations.

Excited Snake Wrangler Talks about Discovery

Calling it a once in a lifetime discovery, Getty shared his excitement of finding the rare mutant creature. He revealed that the two-headed snake had a very disproportionate body when compared to other snakes.

"It was incredibly exciting. I had already removed four adult rattlesnakes and seven other freshly-born baby rattlesnakes from that hole. Even for a seasoned professional such as myself, that's already a pretty adrenaline-packed way to start your morning. So to then pull out a two-headed rattlesnake which, dead or alive, is incredibly rare, had me absolutely overcome with excitement. It was such a crazy once in a lifetime observation that I couldn't even have dreamt it up," said Getty, Daily Star reports.

Rattlesnakes are very common in North America, and they are responsible for most of the fatal snake bites in the continent. Rattlesnake bites are not deadly always and in usual cases, a bite will cause severe pain, vomiting, hemorrhage, and sometimes heart failure.

Discovery of Two-Headed Goat

It was around a few months back that a mutant goat with two heads and two mouths was born on a farm in Wittenberg village, Wisconsin. Surprisingly, the mutant goat can feed both the mouths independently, and it literally left the farmer stunned and shocked.

Jocelyn Nueske, the farm owner revealed that she has never seen such a creature in her life. She also called the two-head goat birth unrealistic and unusual.

"We have been milking goats for six years and never had anything like this. We usually have around 700 babies born each year and nothing like this has ever happened until now," said Nueseke.