Northern Illinois University Student Found Dead in School Building; Police Don't Suspect Foul Play

'It was, unfortunately, a medical issue and he [the student] died,' NIU spokesperson, Joe King said in a statement.

A Northern Illinois University student's dead body was found on the DeKalb campus on Monday. According to The Daily Chronicle, the unnamed student was found lifeless inside the school's art building on the East side of the campus by the staff early Monday. The student's identity or age has not been publically released.

NIU spokesman Joe King noted that the part of the building the body was found, remained closed campus police and DeKalb County Coroner's office officials launched an investigation into the incident. The campus, however, was expected to open on Tuesday.

According to WGN-TV, the University spokesperson, Joe King did not divulge any more information surrounding the student's death, though he hinted that the student succumbed to an apparent medical crisis. The nature and cause of death were not exactly clear at the moment.

NIU Screen grab - NIU/Website

'It was a medical issue'

"It was, unfortunately, a medical issue and he died. And, unfortunately, someone found him this morning," Kind said in a statement. He also said that the police are not expecting any foul play in the student's death.

King further noted that the deceased student's next of kin and family were informed of the tragedy on Monday. NIU officials said that they're trying their best to support the family of the student 'during this difficult time.' "The university is also in process of reaching out to and supporting the student's faculty, classes, and friends," NIU officials said in a statement.

DeKalb Police Chief David Byrd noted on Monday that the city police were aware of the incident on the University campus, but were not asked for assistance on the same. NIU Police Chief Darren Mitchell was not immediately available for comment.