North Korea's Hwasong-15 is an advanced ICBM capable of spreading nuclear chaos, says Seoul

The iron curtain between North Korea and the US seems to be getting intensified after North Korea's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test of Hwasong-15.

North Korean missiles spotted being moved from rocket facility reports South Korean Broadcaster

Earlier this week, North Korea tested Hwasong-15, another Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), putting the United States mainland within the firing range. Now, a top South Korean official has revealed that the newly developed missile by the rogue nation is capable of reaching targets as far as 8,100 miles away, putting Washington DC at risk.

The most powerful ICBM till date?

Officials in the South Korean Defence Ministry said that Hwasong-15 is very much larger than other ICBMs possessed by North Korea, and it has the capacity to deliver larger warheads compared to its counterparts. The Defence Ministry also added that further review should be made to determine whether the newly tested missile is capable of hitting the target with precision.

David Wright, a US physicist who has been learning North Korea's missile programs for many years made it clear that Hwasong-15 has put any areas in the US within the reach of North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Soon after the launch, North Korea's state TV described Hwasong-15 the greatest ICBM ever made on the Earth and added that it can carry super-large heavy nuclear warheads.

Donald Trump resumes his Twitter war

The new move from North Korea clearly indicates that international sanctions and condemnations are not working well with Kim Jong-un, as he is continuously following his nuclear ambitions. The recent provocation from Pyongyang has prompted Donald Trump to resume his word war with Kim. On his Twitter post dated November 30, Trump once again called Kim, 'Little Rocket Man', and added that the Chinese diplomatic talks with Pyongyang are a failure.