North Korean ballistic missile, suspected to be Musudan, crashes after liftoff

Yonhap reported earlier North Korea was preparing to launch Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile.

A midrange missile launched by North Korea on Thursday has crashed seconds after liftoff, South Korea's defence ministry officials have said.

According to the South Korean officials, it's likely the second time that Pyongyang has failed to successfully test its powerful midrange missile Musudan.

The missile has a key place in North's defence strategy and the regime aims to boost its capability to reach the US military bases in Asia and the Pacific, the official said, according to ABC News.

The military setback comes days ahead of the start of a crucial Workers Party congress in North Korea.

The Yonhap new agency had reported earlier that North Korea was preparing to launch its Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile.

An earlier test firing of the missile, also known as BM-25, had failed.

More details are awaited.