North Korea warns US to stop provoking ahead of historic summit between Trump and Kim


Ahead of the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea has warned the United States to stop provoking them. Quoting the words of a foreign official, hermit kingdom's official news agency reported that the United States is deliberately provoking Pyongyang by saying that the sanctions will not be lifted until Kim surrenders his nuclear weapons.

According to the North Korean official, the United States is intentionally misleading the public by saying that the 'denuclearisation pledge' is the result of the intense sanctions imposed on North Korea.

"The US is deliberately provoking Pyongyang at the time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula is moving towards peace and reconciliation," the spokesman was quoted as saying, Telegraph reports.

"This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hard-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one. It would not be conducive to addressing the issue if the US miscalculates the peace-loving intention as a sign of 'weakness' and continues to pursue its pressure and military threats against the latter," quoted the spokesman.

The new comment from North Korea came just days after Donald Trump confirmed the time and place of meeting with Pyongyang's supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Interestingly, the White House has not revealed the exact time and venue of the historic meeting.

However, many South Korean media outlets have reported that Trump and Kim will meet in Singapore, sometime around mid-June. According to reports, both the leaders want to conduct the talks in a third party country citing security reasons.

Some political experts argue that Donald Trump may even ask Kim to attend the talks in Panmunjom village in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. If the talks become a success, then it could mark the end of the long-running tensions in the Korean peninsula.