North Korea triggers World War 3 fear, developing powerful intercontinental missile targeting US

North Korea is reportedly developing an advanced version of intercontinental missile capable to hit the US mainland

north korea leader kim jong-un

Triggering fears of World War 3, North Korea is now developing an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile capable to hit the US mainland. A US official told CNN that the Asian country has started developing a more advanced version of its existing KN-20 intercontinental ballistic missile, which can travel through continents to hit the target precisely. The move from Pyongyang comes just six months after they launched the first ICBM.

Kim Jong-un strengthens his arsenal

Fear of a possible war in the near future was triggered when Donald Trump said 'only one thing' will work with the rocket man and his country. Many political experts claimed that Trump was indirectly hinting a military action with that 'one thing'. Now, Kim Jong-un has understood the worst fear, and he is quickly revamping the strength of his arsenal comprising missiles and dreaded nuclear weapons.

North Korea's move has alerted top US administration officials, and they are also expecting the threat Pyongyang could pose to the country. The quick actions of Kim Jong-un and his country are compelling the US to recalculate the timing of the North Korean attack.

The United States believes that North Korea is moving in the direction of putting a miniaturized warhead on an ICBM in the early months of 2018.

Donald Trump administration has taken these threats from Pyongyang very seriously, and they are planning to finish a Nuclear Posture Review and a Ballistic Missile Defence Review as soon as possible. A billion-dollar weapons upgrade will be conducted to combat future threats.

More updates on World War 3

Many people believe that world war 3 has already begun, as the escalating war of words between the US and North Korea is reaching new heights. Even though the concept of a third world war is still hypothetical, no one can rule out the possibility of a dreaded war in the coming months.

Increasing the fears, a North Korean nuclear tunnel collapsed on October 10 which resulted in the death of more than 200 people. According to reports published on Japanse media, the collapse happened at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site and it has prompted fears of a massive radioactive leak as well.

Donald Trump will visit South Korea next month, and the primary agenda of this visit will be discussing future strategies on the North Korean issue. Earlier, it was reported that South Korea has developed blackout bombs aimed at North Korea, and all these developments indicate that a war in the near future is a possibility though its scale may vary.