North Korea flies balloons to Seoul with message 'Trump is mentally ill'

North Korea has dropped insulting messages on US President Donald Trump over Seoul via balloons.

Donald Trump

Triggering fear of a possible World War 3, North Korea on Sunday dropped insulting messages about US President Donald Trump over Seoul, the South Korean capital. The Kim-Jong-un led nation delivered these insulting messages via balloons sent across Korea's demilitarized zone. As per reports, the messages have labeled Donald Trump mentally ill and a dotard. Reuters' North Korean correspondent James Pearson has also posted the pictures of these flying messages on his social media handle.

Escalating word war between Trump and Kim Jong-un

US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-un have been trading insulting words for the past one year and the recent reaction from North Korea can be considered as the continuation of this streak. A month back, Donald Trump has called Kim 'the rocket man', and added that only one thing will work with Pyongyang. Many people believed that Trump was referring to a possible military action with that 'one thing' reference.

According to political experts, this juvenile act of spreading insulting messages via balloons is Kim Jong-un's reply to Donald Trump's rocket man remark.

Donald Trump will begin his Asian tour next week, and during the trip, he will meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The North Korean issue will be undoubtedly the hottest talking point during Trump's visit.

US takes a clear stand

As the tension in the Korean peninsula is increasing day by day, US has already taken a clear stand on the issue stating that the country will never accept a nuclear Pyongyang.

James Mattis, the US Defence Secretary during his South Korean visit said that any attack on the US or its allies will be defeated, and the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea will be met with a massive military response.

"Make no mistake. Any attack on the United States or our allies will be defeated. Use of nuclear weapons by the North will be met with a massive military response that is effective and overwhelming," said Mattis after meeting South Korean Defence Minister Song Young-moo.