North Korea Can Conduct Nuclear Missile Tests to Send a Strong Message to Joe Biden

The president-elect is reportedly planning to work with the allies of the US and China for putting pressure on North Korea

The relationship of Joe Biden with North Korea is going to be different from Donald Trump's 'bromance' with the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, as per reports. The president-elect is planning to work with the allies of the US and China for putting pressure on North Korea. But the rogue state is going to continue to develop nuclear capabilities.

The Axios website has given a warning that it can be the most difficult foreign challenge for Biden. The experts have warned that the hermit kingdom can use the missile tests for sending a strong message to Biden for forcing him to pay attention, as reported by CNBC. The signal will make sure that it stays relevant and remains a foreign policy priority for the US.

North Korea and Joe Biden

Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden Wikimedia commons

It will not be the first time it has conducted such a move either having launched missiles early on in the presidencies of Obama and Trump. Evans Revere, who is from the Brookings Institute told the broadcaster, "The coming weeks may see North Korea conduct a nuclear or long-range ballistic missile test in order to send a strong message to the incoming president. While Biden will want to put other issues, including domestic concerns, at the top of his list of priorities, Pyongyang has a way of forcing the United States to pay attention to North Korea."

Biden and the South Korean President Moon Jae In have already come to an agreement of working together for resolving the nuclear issue of North Korea. But relations between North Korea and Biden is looking to get a frosty start. Pyongyang has previously called Biden a 'rabid dog', claiming he insulted the nation's dignity. Biden had branded Kim Jong Un a 'thug' during the US presidential campaign and also compared him to the Nazis.

But few analysts fear that Biden can be too passive when it comes to dealing with the rule. They stated that the approach led to increasing the stock of nuclear weapons. Republican Trump also had a turbulent relationship with Kim that swung to apparent friendship.

The two leaders initially insulted each other with the US president threatening 'fire and fury' against North Korea as it conducted nuclear tests in 2017. He mocked Kim as 'Little Rocket Man' and even mentioned to have become obsessed with sending him a CD of Elton John's song Rocket Man.

A historic breakthrough took place when the leaders met in Singapore in 2018, the first meeting between the US and North Korea leaders. Trump claimed that the pair had a good time and he was the first sitting US president to go inside North Korea last year. However, the two nations have still not got a nuclear deal. In June, the Asian country claimed that it was backing away from the US. The officials from the US said Kim has not stopped building the weapon arsenal.

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