Nokia may try an 'android' comeback, but are the prospects great?

Nokia has already given exclusive rights to HMD Global to use the "Nokia" name on mobile phones.

nokia 6

Once you miss the tech train there is no hopping back into it. Everybody in the tech business will tell you that the backlash for making a mistake is huge. I am not pointing any fingers (cough... the fiery Samsung phones..) but seriously the time of fanboy-ing over a particular firm is over and even Apple has learnt the lesson with sales dropping about thirty percent in China which was its biggest overseas market.

One firm that has been burnt the most is Nokia, with the Symbian platforms becoming obsolete the smart choice was to go for an android OS but it went for a Microsoft platform for its Lumia series and other phones, the graphs has been downhill ever since. This is the fall of a legend, anyone who was there in the starting days will tell you that one out of three or maybe two out of three phones out there was a Nokia. Now you hardly get to see one of those lying around.

So why are we mincing words on a fallen giant? Well, it's a brand new day and a brand new attempt to bring back the ghost of tech in the game. HMD Global, a Finnish firm that has taken over the right to use the Nokia brand on mobile phones has after a long wait come out with their first phone. Let me clear this for you, the phones that will come out now will be from a firm that pays Nokia royalties to use its brand and patents, Nokia has no direct investment in HMD Global. It is just the same case of let me sell my product under your name because people may or may not assume that it is the good old firm trying to make a comeback or some loyalist out there who still loves the name "Nokia" and thus these phones will sell in the name of brand recall.

So, what does this so called "Nokia" come along with? According to the grapevine, this HMD Global "Nokia" 6 is crafted out of aluminium, has a 5.5-inch full HD display with 2.5D curved glass, Snapdragon 430 SoC, 4GB of RAM, dual-SIM connectivity, Dolby Atmos sound with stereo speakers, 64GB storage, microSD slot, 16MP camera at the back with PDAF, 3000mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1, LTE, fingerprint sensor all wrapped in "android" OS 7.0 Nougat straight out of the box.

HMD Global is in the rat race to be one of the major players in the smartphone business where the competition is already fierce with Apple, Samsung and others keep on trying to outrun and outwit others. This is why they are probably going to test the waters in China which is a major market with a price tag of 1,699 yuan i.e. 245 dollars and will be exclusively sold on

This article was first published on January 9, 2017