Although Nokia did reveal quite a few smartphone models along with the resurrection of Nokia 3310 with new specifications at the Mobile World Congress 2017, it did not unveil the much rumored Nokia 8. However, according to several reports, it is being said that HMD Global, the company that manufactures smartphones under the monicker of Nokia, will unveil Nokia 8 in June 2017 and there will be a couple of variants of the phone. Moreover, speculations are rife that this bona fide premium model, which is being called the Nokia 8, might actually come in a totally different name.

Reports suggest that this latest flagship model of Nokia will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, the most advanced processor by the company so far. Along with that, Nokia 8 will come in 4 GB and 6 GB RAM variants and will have "at least" a 23 MP camera.

The prices have been speculated to be Yuan 4000 for the smaller variant and Yuan 4,500 for the bigger one.

Nokia had previously stated that it indeed has some big announcements lined up for the year, so, definitely, they are hiding quite a few tricks up its sleeve and may be Nokia 8 is one of those.

The company has not officially revealed or confirmed any launch date but till then the unprecedented response to the new Nokia 3310 can definitely fill the gap.