No Retreat to Face Photography Challenges, Majed Veysel

Majed Veysel

Photography and voyaging together make an unusual arrangement of artistry. A photographer who voyages can share the splendor of his recently learned information concerning the spot by clicking his camera and making it open for everyone. If we become increasingly exact and include another ability named architecture with the callings, atypical blend structures. Leave us alone increasingly straightforward and dunk into the theme, an architect who loves voyaging, shooting the scenes, and other human-caused manifestations to enhance his caught photographs of the architectural structures.

Combining all three masteries of photography, traveling, and architecture and also at an early age, very few people can be found because exposing multi-talent at an early age is rare. However, one personage there who is from this group and is amazingly shaking the world with his architectural black and white photography is Mehmet Majed Veysel, known as Majed Veysel to the fans. Majed Veysel is from Syria and the city Aleppo, and his birthday is 15th of January 1995. He started schooling in American School in the city he was born in 2012 for High School and for graduation he chose "Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi" to study architecture in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013. And his graduation ended in 2017. Afterward, he also applied as an architect in the "Chamber of Architects of Turkey", 2017, and to complete Master he chose Politecnico Di Torino to study on Architecture for Sustainable Design in Italy 2018. And 2020 is the time he might have completed his Master.

M Majed Veysel has framed himself as an inspiration for the following up and coming ages and leaving a legacy in all his means. Other than being an architect, he is a lively individual and wants to traverse the limits. Till now, he has visited Italy, Turkey, France, and many more, he is generally acknowledged for his high contrast photography aptitudes of design structures. Majed used his abilities in the separate calling, for which authority proclaimed him the victor of the Brand Ambassador Prize in Rome, Italy, in 2016. Another essential victory he has increased over a hundred thousand supporters by his unbelievable photograph antiques who are energetically anticipating his new catches. A Syrian who had begun his excursion from the city Aleppo, these days, he is extensively known as an icon in Rome, Paris, and Istanbul for his performing various tasks capacities. He also has vast numbers of followers on Instagram and Facebook.