No new episode of Vikings season 6 on Wednesday: When will episode 5 air?

Vikings season 6 episode 5 is titled The Key and the telecast of it is postponed due to a Christmas special program.

Vikings is taking a short hiatus before it returns on History Channel with a new episode of season 6. Episode 5, titled The Key, was scheduled to be telecast on December 25, but the air date has been postponed for a week due to a Christmas special program called The Food That Build America. The fifth episode is scheduled to be broadcast on January 1.

The rescheduling news came as a disappointment to many of the viewers as they were eagerly waiting to know what is in store for the lead characters, including Lagertha, Bjorn and Ivar. "Did revenge play a role in Hali getting killed?" enquired a tweeter, while another follower of Vikings wrote, "Glad Lagertha is going strong."

What to expect in the fifth episode

Since History Channel has already released the official synopsis for episode 5, fans of Vikings can get a glimpse of the sequel. The short description hints at some unexpected challenges for King Olaf as well as Ivar and Prince Igor. But Lagertha will be finally assured that she is not alone in the fight against the bandits who killed her courageous grandson Hali for no reason.

A teaser image of Vikings season 6. History

Check out the synopsis for Vikings season 6 episode 5 below:

As Norway's Kings and Jarls arrive at Harald's territory for the election of the King of all Norway, King Olaf is confident of the result, but the election may not run as smoothly as he believes. Lagertha's village is a hive of activity in anticipation of a second attack by the bandits and Lagertha is relieved when Gunnhild arrives with re-enforcements. In Kiev, Ivar and Igor engage in risky subterfuge and Ivar is stunned when he encounters a ghost from his past.

Meanwhile, a fan theory suggested Floki's return in the upcoming episode. The post on Reddit also hinted at the death of Bjorn and Lagertha in the first half of season 6. The user went on to speculate a reunion between Ivar and Hvitserk along with a trip to Iceland for Ubbe. Viewers will have to wait a little longer to find out if these speculations will turn out to be true.


Where to watch Vikings season 6 online

The fifth episode of Vikings season 6 will be streamed online on History Channel next Wednesday at 10 pm EST. Until then, fans of the historical drama series can catch up with the first four episodes of the new season online here.