No new episode of Empire this week; what to watch on FOX this Tuesday

Fans of Empire are still waiting for the telecast of the last episode to know more about the car explosion and gunshot scenes of Cookie and Lucious in season 6.

FOX's popular musical drama series Empire completed its six-season run last week. The time-slot will now be occupied by the Mike Baxter-starrer sitcom Last Man Standing, which will air two episodes of its eighth season.

FOX's schedule for Tuesday night has listed episodes 11 and 12 of Last Man Standing season 8 for the 9-10 pm time slot. It will be a repeat telecast of the episodes that were originally aired on February 20 and 27. Episode 11 is titled Baked Sale and the official synopsis of it states Mike's offer to help Jen with her school's bake sale goes up in smoke; Kyle gets advice from Joe.

Episode 12 of the popular sitcom is tilted I'm With Cupid and the short description of it states that Mike sets Joe up on a date with Cece; Kyle is jealous when Ryan invites Jen on their podcast. The episode is scheduled to air on FOX this Tuesday at 9.30 pm EST.

When will FOX air Empire finale?

The sixth season of the musical drama series was originally ordered for 20 episodes and the season was shortened to 18 episodes due to coronavirus-related work shutdown. The last-minute changes in the finale left the show with no proper conclusion for its lead characters.

But Executive Producer Brett Mahoney promised viewers that the show will surely return on TV for one last time later this year to give a proper conclusion to the story of Cookie and Lucious, The showrunner also said they were unable to reveal the truth about Cookie's car explosion and Lucious' gunshot scene in the series finale, which will be included in the special episode.

Empire season 6 poster. Facebook/Empire

The Empire finale may also feature a reunion between Andre and Teri though the showrunner is not very optimistic about their future together. "Teri has been through a lot with Andre so I'm not sure she can forgive him and welcome him back into her life. But I will say that Andre, after he decides to stay in New York, proves he is worthy and stable and he can be a father to his son. So the ending is that Andre will be able to raise his son and be in his life and be his father," he told TV Line.

Meanwhile, the air date of Empire finale remains unknown because the production and post-production process depend on the availability of cast and crew.