No Monday Couple anymore; Gary breaks pact with Song Ji Hyo on Running Man

Kang Gary to shoot for his last Running Man airing on 31 October.

Kang Gary
Kang Gary to shoot for his last Running Man airing on 31 October. Facebook/kanggary

It's time to say goodbye to one of the longest running members of KBS's variety show Running Man. South Korean rapper Gary is calling it quits. The Leessang member, who joined the gaming reality series in 2010, is apparently leaving the show to put more focus on his music career.

Known to be the most innocent and honest member of the show, Gary will be filming his last airing on 31 October.

The 38-year-old recently updated his social media handles to share his final thoughts on the emotional departure. The singer relayed nostalgia, and apologized for breaking the sad news to his fans. He started: "First of all, I'm very very sorry to those who were greatly shocked by the news of my departure. I also want to thank you and thank you again, to everyone who gave me their attention, love, and advice for 7 years."

The singer continued with the determination to cheer his fans with his future endeavors: "I will work hard whenever and in whatever I'm doing as to not further disappoint those fans who created such unforgettable, happy moments in my life. Also, I'm feeling encouraged because of those who have been supporting me in my decision, " he continued: "Again, I aplogize and thank you. Lastly, please love 'Running Man' and its members, who work hard to make everyone happy! I love you!"

Meanwhile, Gary's counterpart and dear friend Song Ji Hyo also expressed her take on the singer's departure. The actress shared that the viewers won't be able to relish the chemistry of the Monday Couple, She said: "It's not something that I can say anything about, but I'll be cheering him on as a co-worker. I want to become a supportive co-worker for Gary oppa. But as I've said on broadcast before, 'Monday Couple' has been over."

"I hope people think of it as a memory, and I ask that they give more attention to 'This Week, My Wife Is Cheating', " Ji Hyo said.