No guests on Brown Eyed Girl's Narsha wedding, singer to hold a quiet ceremony

Narsha and her beau is apparently exchanging vows all alone in Seychelles

Park Hyo-jin a.k.a Narsha is the member of girl group, Brown Eyed Girls Instagram

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha is getting married to her seven-month boyfriend next month. Singer's husband is reportedly into fashion business and shares the same age with the girl group member.

On September 29, singers agency revealed that the pair has been into a serious relationship for quite some time, and ultimately decided to get hooked in October. As per reports, the lovebirds will be holding a very quiet ceremony in Seychelles with a grand reception in Korea in coming months. Giving further details, the 34-year-old's label, Mystic Entertainment revealed: "Narsha will fly to Seychelles in early October and the couple will have a quiet wedding there and return after their honeymoon. We ask for your understanding in regards to being unable to provide a specific wedding date. After returning to Korea they will hold a gathering with their families and relatives and enjoy their happy and blessed start." The duo is apparently exchanging vows all alone in the island country.

Mystic also stated that the Mamma Mia singer will continue her stint as an active member in the K-pop industry and will keep working in different fields after tying the knot.

Meanwhile, overwhelmed with the tons of congratulatory messages, Park Hyo-jin a.k.a Narsha updated her SNS to thank her loved ones. The singer expressed her gratitude in a sweet letter dedicated to her fans: "I don't know what to do with so many people congratulating me. Thank you so much. But on the other hand, it also feels like everyone wants me to hurry up.. ahaha, " she wrote

Continuing further: "I accept it as both a responsibility and a calling that I was the starter to go in Brown Eyed Girls. (Off the record.. the CEO says; your team is sparkling these days..) So everyone, please pressure the remaining members.."

" I also thank our parents on both sides for allowing just the two of us to travel abroad on the most important day in our lives, and promise that we will bring back the air, the weather, and the love we experience there to our parents and live happily ever after, respecting each other as they've always said," she asserted

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