Night walk soon for visitors in Singapore zoo as anniversary approaches

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The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), on Tuesday, April 17 announced that the Singapore Zoo will be opening an immersive rainforest night walk for visitors as a part of its 45th-anniversary celebrations. The night walk has been named 'Rainforest Lumina' by the authorities, and it allows visitors to navigate a lush one-kilometer journey through the immersive rainforest.

The immersive rainforest is designed carefully by the authorities, and they have made sure that the zoo will not result in habitat disturbance for the wild animals.

Speaking to Channel News Asia, Wildlife Reserve Singapore (WRS) which runs the zoo, said that the Rainforest Lumina will be a ''multimedia night walk on the wild side''. The WRS also revealed that the rainforest night walk will be a seasonal event which allows visitors to enjoy the lush and beauty of a tropical rainforest. Apart from the Singapore Zoo, WRS also runs River Safari and Night Safari.

Melissa Ow, the deputy director of the Singapore tourism board said that the introduction of the new immersive rainforest night walk is WRS' effort to give visitors special and differentiated experience.

According to Ow, the Rainforest Lumina will be a complementary attraction offered to people who visit Night Safari. Ow added that it will compel tourists to visit both the parks.

"It is also a lesson from the Night Safari being so immensely popular and often oversubscribed. So, therefore, when you have a complimentary night experience product, I think that works very well, especially for repeat visitors," said Ow, Channel News Asia reports.

Ow made it clear that the night walk through the immersive rainforest will help visitors to know more about the nightlife in a zoo.

"What's different about this attraction is that apart from the operating hours, it gives visitors a different perspective of what the zoo may look like at night," added Ow.

More details regarding Rainforest Lumina will be unveiled in the coming days.