A Nigerian royalty- Princess Ayo Mary Laurent of The house of wealth

Princess Ayo Mary Laurent

Princess Ayo Mary Laurent is a fine example of an entrepreneur and an artist with an inspiring legacy, Mary Laurent fashion brand was launched by Princess Ayo Mary Laurent who hails from Nigerian royalty. This West African Yoruba princess entered the world of fashion to serve the community with creativity, distinct style, and posh. Mary Laurent concentrates on bringing out a fusion of royalty, elegance, and luxury.

The exquisite collection of the brand Mary Laurent represents various elements of the fashion industry, well blended with different cultures. The collection comprises impressive footwear for women, handbags, and briefcases for men. The intruding factor of this fashion brand is its elegant and inspiring production method- handcrafting. Mary Laurent has served a huge number of customers till now and has gained a lot of following through their alluring style and glamour. Ayo Mary Laurent's label has earned a place that is quite unimaginable. With its contrasting and exclusive line of products, it has been loved by all the different classes.

At a very young age, Princess Ayo Mary Laurent has achieved quite a lot in the fashion industry. After graduating from the University of Greenwich in England, she decided to complete her post-graduation from the London school of journalism. But the real breakthrough point in her life came after she decided to pursue fashion as a career and launched her very own signature brand- Mary Laurent. Since its inception in 2013, it has grown exponentially, establishing its first flagship store in Brentwood and has opened other stores in England.

This London based African princess, a label owner, and film director once stated, "I was born into this, fabrics here and fabrics there and right in my head sitting in my mother's shop, I can think of a million magical ways to transform and enliven a style. Something that particularly stands out from the rest of the crowd. It's like Excellence for me – you are just the only one, nothing else is a match for it at that time, they haven't seen that kind of a style anywhere or you have out rightly worn it better than the next person standing".

After getting fair fame in the fashion world, she appeared on a BCC series, Asylum where she played the role of ambassador's guest. After this, she subsequently appeared in many shows and directed numerous short films and drama series. Princess Ayo Mary Laurent is a fine example of an entrepreneur and an artist with an inspiring legacy.